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Tsinandali Special Reserve 2013 – Tbilvino

Price: 18.99  GBP (Equivalent per bottle) ABV: 13%

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Tsinandali is Georgia’s most renowned controlled appellation for white wines. Tbilvino’s Tsinandali Special Reserve is produced in limited quantities of only a few thousands bottles, from well matured, fresh and high-quality grapes. The wine is made from a blend of 80-90% Rkatsiteli grapes (for structure and body), and 10-20% Mtsvane (for aromatics).

After fermentation 100% of the wine goes into French oak barrels for 4-5 months to pick up a subtle amount of vanilla flavour and added complexity. The wine is characterized by a high intensity of colour, where the usual straw colour of Tsinandali is enriched with tints of gold. It is distinguished by aromas of caramel, vanilla and quince, and has a medium body.

Tsinandali Special Reserve is a robust wine suitable for longer cellaring. It matches well with light salads, grilled vegetables, chicken with citrus dressing and steamed fish.