Organic Qvevri Chinuri 2015 – Gotsa Family Wines

Organic Qvevri Chinuri 2015 – Gotsa Family Wines

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Winemaker Beka Gotsadze of Gotsa Family Wines is widely considered to be at the forefront of Georgian Natural Wine.

He is Certified Organic. Only vinifies local grape varieties. Does not use additives, nor fine/filter his wines. He ferments his wines with wild yeasts. Only uses burned sulphur when racking (i.e. never sulphur powder). And, works exclusively with qvevri (the local amphora).

However, what really sets him apart from his contemporaries is his reimagining of the qvevri. His fermentation qvevri have holes drilled in their bottoms so that he can transfer the juice into ageing qvevri by gravity; those qvevri are wrapped in silicon tubing that carries cool water from a nearby spring. By combining tradition with an innovative and forward-thinking approach Gotsadze has attained unique, well-balanced, and complex qvevri wines that can be laid down for at least 5 years.

Chinuri is a Georgian grape variety. Originating in Kartli, central Georgia, but also grown in Kakheti, the name “Chinuri” comes from the Georgian word “chinebuli” meaning “excellent” or “the best”. It is naturally high in acidity. Gotsa’s Chinuri has been left on the skins for 8 months and aged in qvevri for 16 months. The results are simply stunning:

“His 2015 Chinuri is a marvel. Now, while I am a huge fan of the funky, heavy skin contact wines from Kakheti, the Chinuri, still amber and made “natural” in qvevri is by far one of the purest expressions of Chinuri I have had. It is full of complexity on the nose and in the palate and it is fun. Full of citrus peel, sage, hints of nutty aromas, wet alpine stones, green plums. With each swirl it becomes so much more lively. The taste is magic” Sarah May Grunwald, co-founder and owner of Taste Georgia