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Mixed Case

Price: 146.88  GBP ABV: 11% - 13.5%

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Note: Please place your order by Sunday 17th December to receive your wines in time for Christmas

The mixed case gives a broader and fuller introduction to the world of Georgian Wines. It contains the six wines of the half mixed case, plus six more of the most acclaimed and famous Georgian Wine varieties:

Selection Updated on 13th December 2017

1 x Saperavi ‘Dry’ Rose
1 x Mtsvane
1 x Rkatsiteli
1 x Tsinandali
1 x Qvevris Rkatsiteli
1 x Certified Organic Qvevri Chinuri
(Note: this wine comes unfiltered and unfined.
Please, allow sediment to settle in the bottom of the bottle before gently serving/decanting – so as to separate wine from sediment)
1 x Ojaleshi
1 x Pirosmani
1 x Saperavi
1 x Napareuli
1 x Kindzmarauli
1 x Bagrationi Sparkling Wine

Total Price £146.88

If you would like to select your own mixed case or half case please get in touch.